Muharram 1398 from Iran to Karbala - Greatness of Muharram al-Hussein in the picture

Pictures of various mourning places of Muharram Hosseini
Mass rally of Hussein's mourners in Orumiyeh, Traditional 'collarbone' ritual, Ashura's large congregation in Yazd, Eighth night of Muharram; Tehran's Mosque Ark; Ladies' Homes, a torchlight ritual in Dolatabad, is part of today's photo shoot.
 The great Ashura community in Yazd
The great Ashura community in Yazd

Great wonders of the arcane hikeGreat wonders of the arcane hike

An attraction of the persistent cries of the oppressed

Arbaeen means the epic of the power of the Muslims of the world and the desire to speak to Imam Hussein and a collective movement for the oppressed and a handful of oppressors and evil enemies that exist in any era.

A scholar believes that the Arba'in walking conference is in fact a response to the historical call of Imam Hussein (AS), who refused to accept the mourning and stood against oppression.

In this article, we will discuss the wonders of Arbaeen's Great Walking Walk, and those who follow the Archean's philosophy of walking and want to follow up on the subject ...


Movement of Imam Hossein from Medina to Karbala - Love journey

Love journey:

Imam Hussein's journey was a journey that was apparent to him, knowing he was going to be martyred, and his family was captured on this dangerous journey. They went on a trip to promote Islam and to preserve Islam and pray for the future, Me and you. And they saw so much misery.


After the emigration of Imam Ali (as) from Medina to Kufa and the testimony of that Imam, the Kufis gave allegiance to Imam Hasan Mujtaba (AS) and their brother, Imam Hussein (AS), stayed with them in Kufa. After Mu'awiyah's death, Yazid quickly announced the caliphate, and it was the beginning of the caliphate to be unjustly Yazid. Imam Hussein's movement from Medina to Karbala is worth a few places:

Imam Hossein's biography from birth to martyrdomImam Hossein's biography from birth to martyrdom

Imam Hussein Imam Khomeini, Imam Endurance and Imam prayer and worship and imam sacrifice and martyrdom

Birth of Imam Hussein (AS)

On the third day of the month of Sha'ban, the fourth year of emigration. The second child of Ali and Fatima, peace be upon them, was opened to the world of revelation and wilayah. As his birthday came to the Prophet of Islam (PBUH), he came to the house of Ali (AS) and Fatima (PBUH) and called the names to bring the child. We took him in a white cloth and served the Prophet (pbuh) He cursed his right ear and prayed to his left ear.

On the first or seventh day of his birth, Gibreel descended with his revelation, the Most Revelatory Divine, and said: "Peace be upon you, the Prophet of Allah, called this baby in the name of the little son of Aaron (Shabir), called Arabic (Hussein) put the. Because Ali is for you as Aaron for Musa ibn Imran, except that you are the Prophet (peace be upon him). And thus, the holy name of Hossein was chosen from the Lord for the second child of Fatima (sa).

On the seventh day of his birth, Fatima Zahra, the Lord Almighty on him, killed a sheep for his son as an excuse, and shaved his head in his head and gave him silver almonds.

The wives and sons of Imam Hussein (AS)

The old sources of the sons of Imam Hussein (AS) are four sons and two daughters and today's sources of six boys and three daughters.